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What would you do if the world suddenly went blackーpermanently?

That was author Ted Hinson’s reality in 1986 when he lost his sight to a rare illness. Beyond the Blindness is his inspirational, true story. It’s a testament that life is beautiful. Even when you can’t see it.

"Ted has been consistently steadfast in his Catholic faith and never wavered during stressful times that would take down a lesser man. He is as solid as a rock and one of the most positive men of faith I’ve ever known."

David Littlefield

Ted Hinson

Ted Hinson resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife, Pat. After growing up in Tulsa, Ted attended the University of Oklahoma, married Pat in 1982, and returned to Tulsa in 1987 where they have raised their five children. Ted has been in the oil and gas industry since graduating college in the early 1980s. After a sudden loss of his eyesight in 1986, he has continued his business career in a sightless world.

For more information, or to schedule a speaking engagement, you can contact Ted at ted@tedhinson.com

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"Ted radiates a positive force that empowers others to think beyond setbacks. He reflects the words of Walt Whitman: “Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.”"

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Jim Langdon

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Thirty years ago, I received what I thought at the time was the worst news possible. I was diagnosed with a condition that would result in my blindness. Since that time, I have learned that there are a myriad of things much worse than being blind, but it takes a bit of experience and some good examples to grasp that.

I have long believed that we should never take advice from anyone who doesn’t have what we want, nor should we take directions from anyone who hasn’t been where we want to go.

Ted Hinson lost his sight about the time I did. Although he didn’t know it at the time, in many ways he became my guide, mentor, and an example of what I could be. I followed a path that led me to be an author, speaker, executive, movie producer, and the owner of a television network. This was a long road, and for many years, I had little or nothing to show for my efforts.

Ted took a more conventional path and began climbing the corporate ladder and succeeding in the business world. As a blind person, he launched into the very competitive energy industry where he became known for being reliable and dependable. As I was struggling to find my way, many people told me they had run into this blind guy named Ted Hinson and his guide dog in the downtown business district of the city where we live. Since I didn’t seem to be going anywhere, people used Ted’s example as a way to both challenge and encourage me.

Decades later, I finally achieved some success of my own, and I have people around the world who read my books and contact me. Many of these people are blind or know someone who is blind, and they are looking for advice and direction. Often, they can’t relate to me as an author, speaker, and businessperson, so I tell them about my friend Ted Hinson who, under difficult circumstances, built a successful career and became a great husband to his wife and father to his children.

I am in the message business, and I try to share hope, encouragement, and possibilities with those who hear me speak, read my books, or watch my movies. I tell stories about success, but Ted Hinson, in many ways, is the embodiment of my message. In spite of circumstances that would derail or destroy most people, Ted has created a life, a family, and a career that anyone would aspire to.

Within these pages, you are going to meet a man who has no sight but can share vision and perspective with you. I hope you will do what I did and simply follow the leader to your own destiny.

Jim Stovall

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For information on speaking engagements or any other questions contact Ted at ted@tedhinson.com

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"Ted may not have his sight, but is the most insightful person that I know. He has been my friend and coworker. My life is richer for knowing Ted Hinson."

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Vanessa Grubb